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Practical, reliable, ecological, high quality valves for various applications, standard and custom unique designs, seismic qualifications, full FEA and CFD analysis capabilities. Hydro valves: turbine & penstock inlet shutoff, governor integration, low level outlet energy dissipation, hollow cone, fixed cone or  valves (HCV, FCV or HBV) , butterfly, spherical, needle-type, cast steel, cast iron, or fabricated. Gates: Headworks, intake, spillway and draft-tube gates, trash racks and stoplogs.  Radial, Tainter or sector gates, flap or fish belly gates. Thermal and nuclear power plant condenser raw water valves (fresh water and seawater), and valves for desalination plants, city municipal water works or water infrastructure projects, including reservoir control, water mains, water treatment or filtration plants, etc., fresh, seawater or potable water. Hydraulic or electric actuation, including rope hoists and acme screw drives for gates. Electric, hydraulic actuated, spillway gates, intake equipment, designed for each unique application. designed to all recognized standards:  AWWA C504, C530, DIN 19 704, protective coatings to NACE standards, stainless steel fabrication.

gate design software tools


Maridex, Inc. is currently developing software applications (MS Windows only) for radial gate and vertical gate girder placement optimization for equal girder (and wheel) loading and skin plate moment balance.  The radial gate application will be ready for beta and verification testing by Q4-2007, and we are currently seeking assistance in beta testing by individuals who can verify program results using manual techniques, FEA, etc.  In return for helping us test and finalize this unique application, Maridex, Inc. will provide a perpetual license for use of the finalized program version.


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